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Software development using Bash

As for any other language I develop with, I like to make use of tools and utilities to help me spot problems as soon as possible. For that reason I like to have three things in all my projects: Formatter Linter (Static Analysis) Unit Test Framework When developing in Bash there is no difference in this regard. Some people would say that Bash is just for scripting. I mostly agree with that statement, however, sometimes you have to write a lot of Bash and for these cases I want to be able to develop... (read more)

Interactive Curriculum in Rust

As we all know the process of looking for a job is hard. And you have to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, when I saw s0ulshake's CV I wanted to do something similar, but with other technologies (you know I do not know JavaScript) and add the ability to move forward and backward. I decided to code it in Rust because I have been looking for an excuse to start using it and this was as good as any other excuse :D. The way to distribute the binary is using Docker. How to run my CV application In... (read more)

My two cents about Go

There is plenty of meterials such as talks, tutorials and posts talking about Go, but I want to give my opinion about what I think are the strenghts and weaknesses of Go. Full disclosure: I do not use Go at work. I use Go in my personal projects. Therefore, take my opinions with a grain of salt. Pros Go is one of the best programming languages I have seen in my whole life. I think that because of the following characteristics. Standard library If you ever asked me "Which programming language has... (read more)

Building my NAS

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a network appliance that contains one or more hard drives. There are several things to take into account before building a NAS. For example, if you are going to build a NAS using parts from old computers or if you want to build a NAS with brand new parts. Another option is to buy an off the shelf NAS, but none of them, as far as I know, was using ZFS as their filesystem. Building a NAS There is plenty of documentation, guides and tutorials about how to build... (read more)

New website using Python, HTML5 and CSS

My new website has reached the point where it has all the minimum features required to work. In this post, I talk about the reasons for creating it and what the used design and technology are. The code of my website can be found in my GitHub. Why create a website from scratch? My first blog was hosted in blogspot, but it was too limiting in what can be done in the blog and the theming. The next iteration was in GitHub. In this case, I had more freedom regarding the hosting and theming, but it was... (read more)

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