ARM C Compiler (ACC) - Basic Compiler II

I am working on a pet project to create a C compiler for the ARM architecture. You can find more information about this topic in my previous post ARM C Compiler (ACC) - Basic Compiler I. The source code of this project can be found in GitHub. What is the current state of the project? Currently, I have implemented a very basic compiler, this version is available in GitHub as v0.2. Basic compiler able to handle a single file with a main function (without parameters) and if/else statements with simple... (read more)

ARM C Compiler (ACC) - Basic Compiler I

Why do you want to create your own compiler? To answer this question I have to give you some background. For Christmas I got a BeagleBone Black, perfect to learn ARM assembly. After a few weeks of doing the usual stuff I decided I wanted a bigger project to improve my knowledge. However, the idea to start the development of a compiler comes from http://www.sigbus.info/how-i-wrote-a-self-hosting-c-compiler-in-40-days.html. The only aim of this project is to improve my knowledge of the ARM assembly,... (read more)